You already are the change you seek. You already possess the great things you’re dreaming of. Are you ready to bring them to life?

Then welcome… to OH.

We are Employee Engagement Specialists with a very different kind of mission.

You see, we don’t believe we have the power to change your life.

We believe YOU do.

Our role is to help you realize and unleash that power. And we’ve developed some pretty amazing ways to do that. We guarantee you won’t find methods like ours anywhere else. We also guarantee that with them, you will shed your limitations, multiply your possibilities, and achieve not just the goals you’re thinking about right now, but goals you haven’t even dared to imagine yet.

Did we mention how fast they work? INCREDIBLY fast.

If that sounds good to you, then step inside OH. Get to know us. Discover what we’ve done for so many others. And let us show you what we can do for YOU.

OH, the things we can accomplish together!


“You analyzed team dynamics and let them unfold… you opened everyone up and most
importantly… you took it to positive places. Positive with each other and positive in our
aspirations and inspirations. I don’t know of anything that takes people further than [that].”

Dana Sugarman — Servers & Tools Group Lead Microsoft Israel


“[Oz & Hirshfeld] immediately created a difference in the office. Their success in getting
the buy-in of both the employees as well as the managers is commendable. There is no question
about their positive impact on improving our business and making it run more efficiently.”

Onn Levi —  Spot Communications and Strategy


“You listened… really listened to what we were looking for. Each one of us took something
from your session not only to improve our way of work, but to improve our way of living.
Thank you with all my heart for making a difference.”

Sigal Kalmanson-Kusnir — Chief Marketing Officer Microsoft Israel